The Vig Gives


1. Decide on a date and choose which Vig location you would like to host your fundraiser at. We have the ability to hold fundraisers Monday through Wednesday.


4041 N. 40th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85018


6015 N. 16th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85014


606 N. 4th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85003


7345 N. VĂ­a Paseo Del Sur

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Coming Soon!

2. Email Logan at with your desired fundraiser date, location, a brief summary describing your organization’s name and cause, a business mailing address and any other necessary and additional information.


  • Fundraisers can be held from open to close on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of your choice depending on space availability.
  • We will email you your event flyer for you to print and distribute. Your supporters must show the flyer when they order, otherwise, it will not count toward your fundraiser.
  • The Vig will donate 20% of the total pre-tax sales that are generated through the fundraiser to your organization.*
  • Your organization is responsible for marketing your own fundraiser. The only thing we ask is that you
    do not pass out flyers to customers walking into the restaurant that are not truly from your organization.

A check will be mailed to your organization within a week of the fundraiser night.

*existing promotions or specials are not available during fundraiser

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